In providing abundant, potable and affordable water

Twenty– four hours daily,

We, the Officials and Employees of the Metro Midsayap Water

District, commit to:



S  erve the people of Midsayap & Libungan and its barangays promptly and efficiently with utmost courtesy;

E  ffect reasonable and affordable water rates and other charges;

R  egularly and timely inform the public on water interruptions, conduct of preventive maintenance measures, systems improvements, plans and implementation of programs and projects, with easy 24/7 access to information and announcements;

V  alue every customer needs, complaints, comments, suggestions and requests, for prompt and appropriate action through easy access to Tel. No. (064) 229-8215 or CP No. 09189793379;

E  ducate and empower the people of Midsayap & Libungan and its barangays the need to take pro-active stance on environment care protection for a sustainable supply of abundant and potable water.

All these we pledge because we value