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What is the MMWD?

MMWD stands for Metro Midsayap Water District, a Government-Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC) and is created through Presidential Decree (PD) No. 198, also known as The Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973.

Where and what are the water sources of MMWD?

Presently, MMWD operates and maintains 8 deep well sources , to wit:

  • Abaga Pumping Station 3,
  • Libungan Pumping Stations 1,2,5 and 6,
  • Dilangalen Pumping Station,
  • Silver Homes Pumping Station, and
  • Kiwanan Pumping Station.

The Bulk Water supplied by Mactan Rock TGV Builders, Inc. is extracted and filtered from the Libungan river and supplyed to the MMWD, with a capacity of 2500 cmd.


How does MMWD computes water consumption?

The monthly consumption is read and computed in cubic meters. Different client types have different minimum charges. An example computation below is a typical residential connection and has 1/2 inch diameter pipe size.

Sample Consumption:   45 Cu. M

First 10 Cu. M.:                                  10 X 25.50 =    Php  255.00

Next 10 Cu. M. (11-20):                 10 X 33.00   =              330.00

Next 10Cu. M. (21-30):                  10 X 40.50  =              400.50

Next 10 Cu. M (31-40):                   10 X 48.00 =             480.00

Last 5 Cu. M. (41-45):                      5 X 55.50   =              277.50


Total                                                 45 Cu. M.     =   Php 1,743.00

Schedule of approved water rates effective August 2012


Size Charge 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-Up
Residential/Government ½ 215.00 33.00 40.50 48.00 55.50
Commercial/Industrial ½ 510.00 66.00 81.00 96.00 111.00
Semi-Comm’l ½ 446.25 57.75 70.85 84.00 97.10
What would be done in case a water bill is not received?

If you were not able to receive your bill, you may call the following contact numbers:

  • Landline Number – 229-8215 and
  • Hotline Cell Phone Number – 09189793379
  • Or just visit us at our Main Office, 007 Poblacion 8, Midsayap, North Cotabato.

What are the requirements to change the name of the account holder?

The change-name applicant should comply with the following New Service Connection (NSC) requirements:

  • Attendance to the NSC orientation
  • Deed of sale with waiver of rights, death certificate, or marriage contract.
Is there a fee for change of account name?

Yes, there is a Php 50.00 charge for change of name.

Does a change name applicant need to pay all the outstanding balances of the previous account holder?

Yes, because once the change-name applicant assumes the previous owner’s connection, he/she automatically assumes all related responsibilities and liabilities of the previous owner/occupant.


How to apply for water connection?

The applicant or the duly authorized representative should appear personally at the MMWD office in 007 Poblacion 8, Midsayap, North Cotabato to accomplish the following procedures:

  • Attend the New Service Connection (NSC) Orientation every Tuesday or Thursday, 1:00 pm
  • By the applicant – should bring:

o   one photocopy of any government issued ID card,

o   statement of account/billing statement of either MAGELCO/PLDT/CABLE or if not a available a Barangay Certification that you are a bonafide resident of the Barangay.

  • By a representative – must bring:

o   photocopy of any valid ID card,

o   authorization letter from the applicant,

o   half body picture of the applicant holding the latest news paper,

o   one photocopy of any government issued ID card (of the applicant) and

o   statement of account/billing statement of either MAGELCO/PLDT/CABLE (of the applicant) or if not a available a Barangay Certification that the applicant is a bonafide resident of the Barangay.

  • Declared Two (2) Co-Maker – should bring:
    • Photocopy of a Government Issued ID
  • Fill-up the Application Contract and Applicant’s Information Form
  • Submit the required documents/requirements
  • Pay the application fee, guarantee deposit and additional estimated bill of materials and labor after the estimate


Can a New Service Connection (NSC) application be processed by a representative?

Yes, but the applicant must issue an authorization letter which the representative must bring to MMWD along with his/ her own valid ID card.

How much is the application fee for a new service connection?

The charges shall be dependent on the size of the service connection applied by a service concessionaire, to wit;

SIZE                        CHARGE

 ½”                          P3,755.00

¾”                          P6,250.00

1”                           P7,570.00

2”                            P18,300.00

What does the new service connection fee cover?

It covers the cost of materials and labor from tapping point to the water meter including the installation of 1 faucet.

Is it allowed to have two or more water connections under the same account name?

Yes, an applicant may apply for several service connections under the same name provided that he / she must pay the required fees and submit necessary requirements for each service connection.

When can the NSC application be installed?

When all necessary fees and requirements are complied, the NSC application will be scheduled for installation within 5-10 calendar days.

Who does the New Service Connection (NSC) installation?

An accredited plumber of MMWD does the installation of a New Service Connection.

What is a guarantee deposit?

A Guarantee Deposit is an assurance that serves as a guarantee payment for future unpaid water bills of a service concessionaire.

The following Guarantee Deposits shall be collected depending on the type of connection being applied, to wit:

  • Residential Houses and Apartments— P800.00
  • Commercial Spaces—P1,500.00 (Both for Pure and Semi-Commercial)
Can the NSC applicant be refunded of his/her application payment if he/she opts to withdraw his/her application for a new service connection?

Yes, an NSC applicant can take a refund of his/her application payment if he/she opts to withdraw his/her application and the MMWD reserves the right to deduct a processing fee in the amount of Php 150.00 from his original application fee.

 Application Fee:        Php   3,755.00


Processing Fee:                  (150.00)

 Total:                       Php     3,605.00


How avail of the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010

The following are the various requirements in the application for the 5% Sr. Citizen Discount:

  1. Photocopy of the Valid Senior Citizen I.D.
  2. Fill-up the Application Form

Additional requirements are also set for applications made thru an authorized representative, as follows:

  1. Authorization letter
  2. Representative’s Voter’s I.D. or any valid government issued I.D.

Is there a service fee for relocation of a service connection?

Yes, there is a relocation fee of Php 200.00 charged to the relocation of a service connection upon the request of the concessionaire aside from the additional labor and material cost estimated into the new relocation area.


Does MMWD inform the public of water interruption?

Yes, MMWD informs the public of water interruptions thru the following mode:

  •  Radio Broadcast
  • Postings inside MMWD office bulletin board or at conspicuous public places.
  • Posting in the Official Facebook Account and Website.